..:: Training Program::..  
  Quarterly Training Programmes  
  To strengthen the shop floor supervision to achieve competitive edge through manufacturing.  
  To help in continuous improvement through refresher courses  
  Some Of The Proposed Programmes  
  • Technology of Melting & Casting of Quality Billets
  • Metallurgy of Extrusion Alloys
  • Extrusion Die Technology
  • Equipment Care and Maintenance for Better Performance
  • Manufacturing Discipline for Cost Control
  Training programme For Shop Floor Engieners  
  • A Two day training programme on "Metallurgy of Aluminium Extrusion Alloys' was organized on 20th & 21st August 2007 at Pune.
  • The programme was well attended by total 16 no. of enthusiastic participants from 10 organisations.
  • The discussion and interaction were found to be quite lively and useful. Most participants expressed that more such programmes nee to be conducted as there is not much information as well as refreshing courses available which can be readily used by, especially shop floor people.
  Training Programme December 2011