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ALEX'09 - held on 4-5 December 2009 at Nehru Centre, Mumbai.  An International Conference ALEX'09 on Aluminium Extrusions - Present Trends & Challenges, organised by Aluminium Extruders' Council, ALEX was a highly successful event.  Mr. H. T. Makhijani, Chairman of Organising Committee welcomed the gathering.  The event was inaugurated by Mr. Nataraj Srinivasan, Former Director General of CII and his speech was highly inspiring as he explained 7 Cs, the essentials of today's business. 

Keynote was presented by Mr. Gopal M. Pai, Chairman & Managing Director, Salco Extrusions Pvt. Ltd., giving overview of the extrusions industry.  

There were 20 technical presentations and a panel discussion, spread over two days and the subjects covered various aspects of Aluminium Extrusion - Die Steels, Heat Treatment, Software, Extrusion Process, Equipments, Melting Furnaces, Fuel Efficiency, Quality Applications etc.  There were seven presentations by authors from abroad and all the presentations were very well received by the appreciative audience. 

On 4th Evening an entertainment programme - Madhur Swarani- was arranged with was much enjoyed by the delegates. 

The valedictory functions was presided over by Mr. Kshemendranath and vote of thanks was proposed by Co-chairman Mr. R. T. Kulkarni. 

Many delegates expressed that such events should be held by ALEX more frequently in future.

Metal Power Analytical India Pvt. Ltd.
TEAM, Orissa
Bohler India
Hetpan Overseas
UBE Machinery Corporation Ltd.
KIND&CO, Edelstahlwerk
Granco Clark
Salco Extrusions (P) Ltd.

Modern Steels for High Performance Extrusion Tooling in the Aluminium Extrusion Industry.

Mr. Ingolf Schruff, Kind & Co. Edelstahlwerk

Engineering Extrusion Dies to Manufacture Quality Products & Improve Productivity

Mr. Yogesh Soundattikar, Altrair Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Nitriding of Aluminium Extrusion Dies, Furnaces and Process Controls.

Mr. V. Raghunathan, Fluidtherm Technology Pvt ltd.,

Introduction for UBE NPC-SS Extrusion Press (Advance Stem Shift, Short Stroke Type)

Mr. T. Yamamoto, UBE Machinery Corporation Ltd.

Extrusion Puller Technology Evaluating Process Efficiency and Return on Investment

Mr. Ken Mishler, Granco Clark Inc.

Boron Nitride- Solutions for Aluminium Extrusion

Ms. Christian Klopfer, ESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG.

Achieving High Reliability for the Extrusion Line

Mr. A.L. Kennedy, Kennedy Eurotech Inc.

Burner Technology For Fuel Efficiency In Aluminium Industry


Calcium Silicate and fused silica in billet casting

Dr. Wolf Hüttner, Calsitherm International

Processing Of Seamless Tubes Of Al Alloy Aa2219 By Flow Forming Technique

V. Anil Kumar, Materials and Mechanical Engineering Entity, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

Insight into Tool Steel for Aluminium Extrusion.

Mr. P. N. Krishnaswamy, Assab Sripad Steels Ltd.

Modern Concepts of Containers For Extrusion of Light Metal

Mr. Ralph Mertens, Kind & Co. Edelstahlwerk

Striking balance between equipment & process technology to achieve the optimised performance in cast house

Mr. Arun Powar, Project & Technology Consultant

Premium Extrusions

Ms. Pooja Kamat, Salco Extrusions Pvt. Ltd.

Aluminium Alloys & Heat Treatment For Architectural Application.

Mr. K. C. Pandey, Shree Narmada Aluminium Industries Ltd.

Promex for Optical Measurment of Aluminium Profiles

Mr. S. K. Mongia, Mongia Tooltech Pvt Ltd.

Chrome & Chrome Free Conversion Coatings And Effects of E6 Etching in Anodizing.

Mr. Inder Kumar Sangtani, Chemetall Rai (I) Ltd.

Hyper Durable Pvdf Coatings for Aluminium Extrusions.

Mr. Binoy Chakraborthy, Akzo Nobel Coating India Pvt Ltd.

Improving The Performance of Extrusion Dies

Mr. Paul Stratton - Project Manager, Boc

Aluminium Melting Furnaces For Energy Savings & Reduced Emission Mr. Holger Robert Schwarz, ZPF therm Maschinenbau GmbH
Role & Schemes of Team Orissa for Development of A & D of Aluminium Industry in Orissa Dr. Ashish Kumar, Team Orissa
Isothermal Extrusion Siddharth Chandgadkar, Siddharth Industries Pvt. Ltd.






  ..:: Previous Conference (ALEX 06) ::..  
Prominent and eminent people from Extrusion Industry, Defense Sector and Research Organisations are actively participating in the various activities of ALEX to make it grow Successfully and Consistently.
Activities were Successful with the Support of
Mr. R. K. Sharma
ALEX'04 & ALEX'06
Mr. Gopal Pai
Co - Chairman
ALEX'04 & ALEX'06
Mr. Anand Joshi
ALEX'04 & ALEX'06
  Papers Presented (ALEX 06)  
  The conference on extrusion, ALEX' 06, was held at Kala Academy, Goa during 2 - 5 November 06. The theme was "Aluminium Extrusion Technology". Over 138 delegates attended.  

Scenario of Aluminium Extrusion Industry in India

Mr. Gopal M. Pai, Salco Extrusions (P) Ltd., Mumbai India

Structural Solutions in Aluminium for the Rail and Bus Market

Giorgio Destefani, Alcan International Network, Gulf Ltd, Dubai

Environmental And Recycling Issues Of Aluminium: An Overview

Mr K. V. Ramana Rao, Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development And Design Centre, Nagpur, India

Cost Savings at the Aluminium Extrusion Industry by Implementation of S P C For Geometry Control

Mr. Chaim Rotsztein, Romidot Ltd., Israel

Wagstaff's AirSlipTM Casting Gas Control Systems

Mr. D.A. Salee, Wagstaff, Inc., Spokane, USA

Quality Control in Recycling / Remelting of Aluminium for Extrusion Billets

Mr. Sunil Atrawalkar, Hindalco Industries Ltd., Mumbai, India

Road Map for Improving Metal Quality in Extrusion Cast House

Mr. Avinash Joglekar, Anudeep Alucast Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India

The Benefits and Use of Powder Coatings for Architectural Aluminium

Mr. M. V. Ravi, Akzo Nobel Coatings India Pvt Ltd., Bangalore,

Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE) For High Strength Extrusion Products

Mr. M. K. Karthikeyan, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum, India

Concentrated Primary Master Alloys

Mr. Graham Banister, Bahrain Alloys Manufacturing Company, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Energy Conservation & Melt Loss Reduction in Melting and Casting of Aluminium 

Mr. R. Prakash Bhatia, Krishna Enterprises, Noida, India 

Aluminium Foam: Potential material for Energy Damping and Thermal management

Mr. S. Das, D. P. Mondal & N. Ramakrishnan, Regional Research Laboratory, Bhopal, India

Improving The Performance Of Extrusion Dies In Aluminium Extrusion Plants

Dr. Alan Castle, SEC, Gloucester, England

Hylar 5000 ® or Kynar 500 ® - A Lifetime of Performance 

Mr. Steve Prout, Akzo Nobel Coatings India Pvt Ltd., Shanghai, PR, China

Effect of Die Temperatures in Aluminium Extrusion - A Review  

Mr. VNSU Viswanath Ammu, Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development And Design Centre, Nagpur, India

Improvements in Extrusion Press Productivity

Mr. Roy Hollis, Alexander Enterprises, Gloucester, England

Bridges in Disaster Management

Mr. R. G. Karemore, Ordnance Factory, Nagpur, India

Latest Developments in Surface Finishing of Aluminium New Technologies for Better Quality and Cost Saving

Dr. Walter Dalla Barba, Italtecno S.R.L., Modena, Italy

Microstructure and Tensile Properties of High Strength Aluminium Alloys Produced by Extrusion Processing

Dr. A. K. Mukhopadhyay, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad, India

Maximizing Aluminium Extrusion Productivity with Liquid Nitrogen

Mr. Paul Stratton, BOC, Huddersfield, England

Review on Quality Billets for Extrusion

Mr. M. K. B. Nair, National Aluminium Co.Ltd., Angul, India
  Paper Persented (ALEX 04)  
  The conference on extrusion ALEX' 04 was held at Mumbai during 1 - 4 December 2004. The theme was "Emerging Trends in Extrusion Technology". Over 75 delegates attended.  

Cast Billets For Aerospace Extrusion

Mr. Ravindra Tilak, Almex Calfomia, USA

Transition From Conventional DC Casting To Airslip Technology - A Hindalco Experience

Mr. Man Mohan, Hindalco Industries Limited, Renukoot, India

Miicrostructure- Properties Relationship In 7xxx Series Aluminium Alloys

Dr. A. K. Mukhopadyay, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad, India

Isothermal Extrusion Technology

Mr. Boris Shtarker, 3T True Temperature Technologies, Israel

Use Of Information Technology In Extrusion Industry

Mr. Arun Kumar, Indian Aluminium CO.Ltd. Ka/amassery, India

Automated Polishing and Cleaning of Aluminium Extrusion Dies

Mr. John Matechen, Extrude Hone, Irwin PA, USA

Tool Steels For The Aluminium Industries

Mr. Pranay Goradia, Vipras Castings Limited, Mumbai, India

Extrusion Tools The Unsung Heroes

Mr. S.K. Mongia, Fouress Enterprises,Mumbai,lndia

Modernising Older Extrusion Plants

Mr. AI Kennedy, Kennedy Eurotech Inc., Newman GA, USA

Processing Equipment Developed From The Extruders' Point Of View.

Mr. G Longinotte, Omav, Brescia, Italy

State Of The Art Frontloading Technology And New Developments

Mr. Martin Vaeges, SMS Eumuco GmbH, Leverkusen Germany

Finishing Of Aluminium Profiles Present & Future

Mr. T. N. Pathak, Consultant, Alom Extrusions Limited, Kolkata,

Non Chrome The Technology Of Today And The Future.

Mr. Jorge Trolho, Chemetall GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

Latest Developments In Anodizing & Coating Of Aluminium & TheirTechnological Advantages

Dr. Walter Dalla Barba, Ital Tecno S.R.L., Modena, Italy

Aluminium Extrusion In India Challenges & Opportunities

Mr. Sudarshan S. Chokhani, Sudal lndustries Ltd., Mumbai, India

Light Metal Military Bridges

Mr. M. R. Joshi, Consultant, Pune, India

Aluminium Alloy Rail Coaches All Extrusion Design a Feasibility Study

Ms. P. V. Gayathri, Bharat Earth Movers Limited, Bangalore

Opportunities In High Strength Aluminium Alloy Extrusion For Aerospace

Mr. R. S. Kambali, Ordnance Factory, Nagpur, India

Aluminium Extrusion for Building Systems

Mr. P. S. Satishkumar, Hydro Aluminium Extrusion Building Systems Ltd., Bangalore, India